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Welcome to Cusp Thinking

My work is all about people and working with individuals and groups who want to make their work and life environments matter and mean more. I work with a fabulous cohort of artists and critical thinkers building their opinions and ideas into groundbreaking projects using coaching, creativity and digital.

Cusp inc takes its inspiration from people's transitional points in time and what's happening in our lives and the lives of those around us - being on the Cusp of something has so much potential. It wouldn't be me if i didn't site equality as central and my constant challenge of the status quo. The way i see and experience the world is what makes the work I do distinctive.

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The Death of Leonardo da Vinci by Yinka Shonibare

Facing up to the difficult parts of our past

Sunday 28th May, 2017

The need to face up to how we ourselves and the decisions made in the past are in many ways responsible for what then happens around us is ever more pressing.

An exciting week ahead doing just that with a wonderful cohort of museum professionals who wish to address the balance, developing their leadership skills and diversify their working practice and make an impact on those around them.

Diversify is a welcome and exciting addition to the Museums Association, Transformers programme, funded by Arts Council England's Museum Reslience Fund and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  My role will be to support the development of leadership skill and practice from a diverse perspective and to share best practice around digital inclusion and the Creative Case for Diversity in Museums as part of UK wide events in June and July. 

I have the pleasure of working beside Hilary Carty of Co-Creatives who leads the programme and Jess Turtle, programme manager for Transformers and in her own right one of the driving forces behind the wonderful Musrum of Homelessness

On the first day, we'll be joined by Jenny Sealey, Hassan Mahamdallie, Zoe Partington Sollinger and Charlie Craggs with so much to say about how we face up to the difficult parts of our past and represent better!