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This is a page about what training is on offer from Cusp inc.

Cusp Consultancy

Supporting you to Make the Case and put diversity and digital at the heart of what you do.

Making the Case: The Creative Case for Diversity will support organisations bidding to become or remain in the NPO portfolio.

Making the Case will work with you in a way that makes sense, starting with what you already do well and not what you don't.

Making the Case will then support you to build this new awareness and thinking into your bids in a way that has grit and substance: moving you beyond tick box obligation to absolute necessity. 

From a 1:1 conversation, a few bespoke hours or a day for your staff team, we can meet you on your terms and fit in with you schedules.

Ring Sarah for a chat 07956853150

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The Creative Case & You.

The Creative Case is not about having a Diversity Action Plan. It's much more pertinent and powerful than that.

Sarah directed HeadsUp for Arts Council England & has written a raft of articles on the Creative Case website looking at disability, innovation and representation - the heart of the Creative Case.

It's ok to not get it, but you'll need to if you want to meet the requirements essential to be an NPO.  Call Sarah for a conversation 07956853150 or email sarah@cuspinc.org