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This is about all the good things people say about Cusp inc

What People Say

Stephanie Fuller, Head of Planning, Arts Council South East

'I have worked with Sarah in different contexts and have always been impressed by her ability to engage with people and facilitate productive discussions. She has a rare gift for making people feel included and heard, and as a result is able to often get to the heart of things when others are struggling.'

Vicky Balaam, Artistic Director, stopGAP Dance company

'From the moment i first met her, Sarah struck me as a woman who was tenacious and passionate with uncompromising principles.'

Keith Nimmo, CEO, Wiltshire Music Centre

'Sarah Pickthall has been a disability consultant, trainer and facilitator for Wiltshire Music Centre for the past six years and has had a profound effect on the sustained development of this area of our work. As a result of her advice, support and vision the Centre has delivered exemplary work of local regional and national significance.'

Jane Bryant - PUSH (Find your Talent, Hampshire)

"Sarah gave us the impetus to really look - in a practical way - at what we can do to ensure more equality across all that we are doing, it was an excellent session"