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This is about Sarah Pickthall, Director of Cusp inc

About Sarah

She is qualified (IHD) coach with a qualification in Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC).

With over 10 years of leadership community and executive coaching design and delivery under her belt, Sarah brings a wealth of experience to your table to help you galvanise individuals and teams.

Sarah uses Process Orientated Psychology and the teachings of Arnold Mindell developing her practice with CFOR in London in large group engagement and conflict resolution.

Sarah co-founded the international leadership programme Sync for the UK, Australia and now developing the Far East.

Sarah is passionate about creating, developing and sustaining exquisite equitable projects that move people forward in their thinking about their lives and those around them. You can contact Sarah directly:


Sarah's ability to recognise what's happening for you in your professional and personal life is highly attuned, and I find myself realising what is important to me..in a matter of minutes...

Jamie Wyld - Director thisisWyld.com & VideoClub

I think everyone needs a Sarah Pickthall in their life.

Jenny Sealey, MBE, Artistic Director, Graeae Theatre Company.

Sarah has a rare gift for making people feel included and heard, and as a result is able to often get to the heart of things when others are struggling.

Stephanie Fuller - Creative Enabler, IDEAS TEST, Swale & Medway